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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ten Things That Are Troubling Me

1. Shouldn't E4+1 be called E4-1, strictly speaking?
2. Why does Luis Garcia suck his thumb like that?
3. Who compiled the John Peel 'tribute' CD, and don't they think its predictability does his memory something of a disservice?
4. Is there anything that actually constitutes 'food' in an IKEA hotdog?
5. Why do they keep calling it 'ITV1' when some of us still think of it as Channel 3?
6. Is an egg an animal?
7. Zits inside the nostril: why have they only appeared since 2004?
8. Isn't it a bit odd that you never hear Simon Cowell talk passionately about his favourite music?
9. How could Rick Rubin produce that Shakira album in between Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond?
10. How come you can get a Barbour jacket fixed for life, but not an iPod?

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