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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Week's Ten Best Headlines in the Local West Country Press*

1. Milk Thief Strikes in Watchet
2. Ferret Found in Minehead Garden
3. Westover Green Pupils Are Mad Keen on Science
4. Shapwick School's Reading Stars Get Their Badges
5. Leonard Affected By Digital Switchover
6. Exclusive Henry Vacum [sic] in May Day Raffle
7. Woman Rescued from Ditch
8. Petrol Stolen from Helston Fuel Pump
9. Sceptical Visitor Lauds Seaside Town
10. Demand Outstrips Supply for West Somerset Morris Men

*Incorporating the Somerset County Gazette, Bridgewater Mercury, Chard News and The Falmouth & Penryn Packet

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And Not Forgetting…

'I'd drunk too much, I was irresponsible, criminal': Nick Clegg on his regrets: Cross-dressing, drugs, that remark about his 30 lovers and - finally - the truth about his criminal past: the hilariously indiscreet confessions of Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader who tries hard not to embarrass himself - but (happily) just can't help it... (Daily Mail, 27 April)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten Fair And Balanced Headlines That Have Appeared Since Nick Clegg Turned Out To Be More Popular Than The Papers Thought

1. Clegg in Nazi Slur on Britain (Daily Mail, 22 April)
2. Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private account (The Daily Telegraph, 22 April)
3. Clegg's Crazy Immigration Policy (Daily Express, 22 April)
4. General Election 2010: Nick Clegg Uncovered (The Daily Telegraph, 22 April)
5. Clegg's On Defensive (The Sun, 20 April)
6. Nick Clegg is a sycophantic, pro-immigration Europhile (The Daily Telegraph, 19 April)
7. Nick's Nuclear Pledge Panic (The Sun, 18 April)
8. Voters Don't Have a Clegg To Stand On (News of the World, 18 April)
9. Clegg, the panto Yorkshireman: he plays the Northerner, but he's really from the Home Counties and is as posh as Dave (17 April)
10. Beware the Glib-Dems (The Sun, 17 April)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ten Cracking Meals

1. Roast Poussin by my fair hand

2. Sea Bream, Slug & Lettuce, Leicester Square

3. Bacon Sarnie, The Phoneix, Alexandra Palace

4. Cheesecake, Merci, Paris

5. Pork and Clams, Bedford & Strand, Covent Garden

6. Croque Madame, Le Dome du Marais, Paris

7. Chicken & Mushroom broth with beans, my place

8. Mushroom quiche, Bread and Roses, Paris

9. Wolfberries with champagne mousse, First, Paris

10. Pete's cake for Rachel, Redwood

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten Things I Overheard In The Street And Wrote Down Because They Made Me Laugh

1. Good Morning! [at 7pm]
2. If she saw how he played golf, she'd leave him
3. The way they run the government here is crazy
4. Was that Jon Pertwee?
5. His house is very civilised but it smells.
6. If you're on your second wife I think you should leave your money to the kids.
7. If you don't celebrate Easter, can you still have Easter eggs?
8. How many shops are we going to?
9. Jim Morrison? It rings a vague sort of a bell.
10. She's only got so many old books because it takes her that long to read them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten GQ Appearances By David Cameron

1. First in GQ's 2009 Most Influential Men list
2. Has the wider population warmed to David Cameron? (Laurie Laird, Oct 2009)
3. Brown and Cameron do an Obama (Laurie Laird, April 2010)
4. David's Dilemma: the devil is in the details (Laurie Laird, July 2009)
5. Second in GQ's 2007 Best-Dressed Men list
6. The PM remains distant as Cameron scores a coup (Tara Hamilton-Miller, April 2010)
7. David Cameron: A PM for all seasons? (Charlie Brooks, May 2010)
8. Eighth in GQ's 2010 Best-Dressed Men list (Gordon Brown first in 'worst dressed' list)
9. The Final Push (David Cameron interviewed by Matthew d'Ancona, May 2010)
10. Somewhere Boys (the Bullingdon look as fashion statement, GQ Style, S/S 2010 )