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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Ten Best Trivial Pursuit Questions

1. What did 100,000 self-conscious American women buy 200,000 of in 1980? (A: Breast implants)
2. Do porcupines masturbate? (A: Yes)
3. What did the first Spanish dog to be fitted with contact lenses not see the day after the fitting? (A: The car that killed him)
4. Who was the official hair consultant to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics? (A: Vidal Sassoon)
5. Who once warned: "Never eat more than you can lift"? (A: Miss Piggy)
6. What African animal's name is made up of the letters n, g and u? (A: Gnu)
7. What salad dressing does the 'special sauce' on a Big Mac most closely resemble? (A: Thousand Island)
8. What was the surname of the American Civil War general who has lent his name to prostitutes? (A: Hooker)
9. How many rings make up an arm on a Michelin Man? (A: Four)
10 What is Canada's most prevalent goose? (A: The Canada Goose)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ten Ways To Make A Radical Stand Against The Modern World In General

1. On the London Underground, only read adult-sized newspapers which you paid for.
2. In bars, ask for drinks you haven't seen advertised on TV.
3. Interact with your friends by going round their house for tea.
4. Buy clothing based entirely on comfort and value for money.
5. Spend your weekends in places with no phone reception.
6. Make something out of wood and string.
7. Write a letter using a pen.
8. And then post it.
9. Support the football team that's closest geographically to your house.
10. Smile at strangers.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ten Winners Of Ridiculous Pop Polls

1. The Beatles - 'Sgt Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band' (HMV/C4/Guardian Top 100 Albums of the Millennium, 1997)*
2. ELO - 'Livin' Thing' (Q magazine Top 50 Guilty Pleasures, 2006)
3. The Wolfe Tones - 'A Nation Once Again' (BBC World Service World's Favourite Song, 2002)
4. U2 - 'One' (Q magazine 1001 Best Songs Ever, 2003)
5. Nirvana - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (VH1 Greatest Song Of The Past 25 Years, 2003)
6. Oasis - 'Live Forever' (Q magazine 100 Greatest Songs Ever, 2006)
7. Bob Dylan - 'Like A Rolling Stone' (Rolling Stone magazine 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time, 2004)
8. Radiohead - 'OK Computer' (C4 100 Best Albums Of All Time)
9. Oasis - 'Definitely Maybe' (Q magazine Best British Albums, 2004)
10. Michael Jackson - 'Billie Jean' (Blender magazine 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born, 2005)

*Earliest year of said millennium actually represented by the poll: 1959