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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten Courses At TyvenKokkenHansKoneogHendesElsker, February 5, 2001

1. Foie gras
2. Halibut with mussels, roe, rice cracker and mussel sauce
3. Herring with fennel on eggy bread
4. Terrine of rabbit with red pepper purée, herb & orange sauce and rabbit's kidney
5. Lobster Ravioli with fish soup & dried bacon cracker
6. Deer with cocoa sauce and beetroot & pomegranate mousse
7. Shot of hibiscus jelly
8. Artichoke pastry
9. Goats cheese sorbet
10. Stack of 15 mini pancakes with banana & cinnamon ice cream

Ten Things I'd Never Noticed On Beatles Songs Before

1. John Lennon saying 'Cor' at the end of Twist And Shout
2. The sand shaker in She's A Woman
3. The handclaps on I'm Looking Through You
4. The laughing at the end of Within You And Without You
5. The ad-libs in the background of the first 'la-la-la-las' in Hey Jude
6. Ringo counting himself in during the orchestral break in Good Night
7. The '…lia' bit of Julia
8. The fireman's bell in Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
9. The harmonium in the verses of We Can Work It Out
10. John Lennon singing 'I' instead of 'you' in What You're Doing

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ten Eskimo Words For Dog

1. Kringmerk - dog
2. Issorartuyok - lead dog
3. Apadlerpak - last dog
4. Assinaitok - untied dog
5. Kalibjarpok - dog trying to break loose
6. Pameiyut - dog with tail up
7. Uniyok - jealous dogs
8. Immoriktok - curled up dog
9. Kattingolarpok - grunting dog
10. Malarpok - yelping dog

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Choice From Every Course* Of The RMS Titanic's First Class Menu For 14 April 1912

1. Oysters à la Russe
2. Consommé Olga
3. Pouched Salmon with Mousseline Sauce
4. Vegetable Marrow Farci
5. Calvados-Glazed Roast Duckling and Apple Sauce
6. Punch Romaine
7. Roast Squab on Wilted Cress
8. Asparagus Salad with Champagne-Saffron Vinaigrette
9. Pâté de Foie Gras
10. Waldorf Pudding

*Not including the cheese, fruit or coffee

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ten Weird Books From Abe Books' Weird Books Room

1. Anybody Can Be Cool… But Awesome Takes Practice, Lorraine Peterson
2. How To Teach Physics To Your Dog, Chad Orzel
3. The Who's Who of British Beheadings, Geoffrey Abbott
4. The Beverly Hillbillies Bible Study, Stephen Skelton
5. Hanging Out: The Upside Down Exercise Book, Ira J Rappaport
6. Remember Your Rubbers! Collectible Condom Containers, GK Elliott, D O'Brien, G Goehring
7. Elvis After Life: Unusual Psychic Experiences Surrounding The Death Of A Superstar, Raymond A Moody
8. Male Delivery: Reproduction, Effeminacy And Pregnant Men In Early Spain, Sherry Velasco
9. The Bible Care For Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Don Colbert
10. Jewish Chess Masters On Stamps, Felix Berkovich

The Ten Slowest Half-Centuries in Test Cricket

1. TE Bailey, England v Australia, Bisbane, 1958-59: 357 minutes
2. CJ Tavaré, England v Pakistan, Lords, 1982: 350 minutes
3. BA Young, New Zealand v South Africa, Durban, 1994-95: 333 minutes
4. SM Gavaskar, India v Sri Lanka, Colombo, 1985-86: 326 minutes
5. Ramiz Raja, Pakistan v West Indies, Karachi, 1986-87: 318 minutes
6. CPS Chauhan, India v Pakistan, Kanpur, 1979-80: 316 minutes
7. Shoaib Mohammed, Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Lahore, 1993-94: 315 minutes
8. DJ McGlew, South Africa v Australia, Jo'burg, 1957-58: 313 minutes
9. JJ Crowe, New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Colombo, 1986-87: 312 minutes
10. BA Edgar, New Zealand v Australia, Wellington, 1981-82: 310 minutes