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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ten Songs That Inexplicably Pop Up In My Head With Alarming Regularity

1. Flag Day - The Housemartins
2. We Work The Black Seam - Sting
3. You Little Thief - Feargal Sharkey
4. Sonny's Letter - Wet Wet Wet
5. South American Getaway - Burt Bacharach
6. Spies Like Us - Paul McCartney
7. Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul and Mary
8. Love Is All Around - The Troggs
9. Time To Get Alone - The Beach Boys
10. I Know A Song That'll Get On Your Nerves (Traditional)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fashion Magazine Examination: Paper ii: Reading Comprehension

Answer as many questions as possible in the time allowed...

1. Copy below the exact same sentence copied directly from a press release that appears in two or more magazines' 'upfront' sections this month: ____________ (10 points per magazine)
2. List one thing you would actually want from the Christmas guide in any magazine of your choosing: __________ (100 points)
3. Find the magazine with the smallest number of pages between the cover and the contents page: __________ (1-10 pages: 100 points; 11-50 pages: 50 points; 51-100 pages: 10 points; 101+ pages: 1 point)
4. Estimate how many of the readers' letters come from genuine readers: __________ (find three or more: 100 points)
5. Count the number of items in the 'down' section of barometers that are championed elsewhere in the same magazine: _________ (50 points per item)
6. Estimate the total number of people who will heed the advice in all of the sex/beauty/style/health columns this month: _________ (100 points for a correct answer to the nearest 2)
7. For each magazine, divide the number of pages in total by the number of adverts. If your answer is greater than 2, award yourself a bonus 100 points.
8. Count the number of times the words "Exclusive", "Sexy", "Literally" and "Collector's Item" are used in the correct context: _________ (200 points per instance)
9. Using your skill and judgement, provide a logical link between the various features mentioned in the editor's letter (points awarded out of 100 at examiner's discretion)
10. Tie-break question: try and find a negative word in any magazine describing the company advertising on its back cover. Write the word here: ____________