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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gregg Wallace's Ten Best Moments

1. "It's like a lemon has just picked you up by the ears and given you a big snog."
2. "I'll quite happily lay down in it and have a sleep."
3. "That is the most perfect chocolate pudding as I have ever sunk my lips into."
4. "...Whaaaaey, it's still coming."
5. "I have a rather large mouth, but that's a lot to get in."
6. "That bird is so moist, and there's little pockets of zing, zing, zing..."
7. "There are fruit coolies running through her veins."
8. "Beefy, beefy mushrooms!"
9. "Ooh, that has flicked every one of my switches."
10. "I want to take a running jump into it."

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ten Rutger Hauer Films You May Have Missed

1. Terror In The Aisles (1984)
2. The Blood Of Heroes (1990)
3. The Beans Of Egypt, Maine (1994)
4. Dracula III: Legacy (2005)
5. Omega Doom (1997)
6. Flying Virus (2001)
7. Bone Daddy (1998)
8. New World Disorder (1999)
9. Mariette In Ecstasy (1996)
10. Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001)