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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ten Bands I've Somehow Managed To Avoid Seeing Live

1. Oasis
2. Pixies
3. St Etienne
4. Morrissey
5. Portishead
6. Bruce Springsteen
7. David Bowie
8. Grace Jones
9. Depeche Mode
10. Kraftwerk

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ten Uses of the Verbs 'Sough'/'Slough' by Norman Mailer

1. "...the soughing of surf" ('The Naked And The Dead')
2. "After a hundred yards they were forced to slough through..." ('The Naked And The Dead')
3. "Live with your cowardice… Hate it or defend it, but don't try to slough it off." ('The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts On Writing')
4. "…a New England wind… came soughing out of the sky" ('Advertisements For Myself')
5. "…even the sloughing of prejudice, particularly when it is abrupt, partakes of the naive" ('Advertisements For Myself')
6. "...the wind soughed through the draws" ('The Naked And The Dead')
7. "Whatever strait-jacket there had been about his movements lately would be sloughed off…" ('The Naked And The Dead')
8. "…as he had sloughed off Hearn" ('The Naked And The Dead')
9. "The president was, after all, getting into the same slough of muddy reasoning as the liberals" ('How the Wimp Won the War')
10. "there is still hope for me if only I can slough the hundred crimes upon my head" ('Barbary Shore')

Top Ten Causes of Injury in the Street in 1887 (number of injuries in brackets)

1. Light Cart (1,138)
2. Cabs (919)
3. Vans (683)
4. Omnibuses and Cars (346)
5. Broughmans and Carriages (345)
6. Heavy Carts (153)
7. Horses Ridden (135)
8. Wagons and Drays (133)
9. Covered Vehicles (67)
10. Velocipedes (53)