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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Ten Best Descriptions of Samuel T Herring from Future Islands I've Seen Online

Ten brilliant comments about Future Island's lead singer following their 'captivating' David Letterman appearance

1. New Order fronted by Pere Ubu's David Thomas
2. Marlon Brando method acting Jimmy Sommerville
3. Jack Black on mushrooms
4. Henry Rollins at Wigan Casino
5. (Everton manager) Roberto Martinez at the end of season disco
6. Shaun "Barry from EastEnders" Williamson having eaten Ian Curtis
7. Fozzie Bear fronting a Killers tribute band
8. Like 'Gangnam Style' for Pitchfork readers
9. A cross between Morrissey and Steve Pemberton (of the League of Gentleman)
10. "My old maths teacher"