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Monday, March 14, 2011

Seven Dulux Colours, One of Which Will Adorn the Dining Room

*Guest Post From The 82a Project*

1. Californian Sands 4
2. Buttercup Fool 5
3. Pharaohs Gold 4
4. Lemon Chiffon 3
5. Golden Fern 3
6. Easter Morn 3
7. Golden Rambler 4

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ten Characters Played By Hattie Jacques in the Carry On Films

1. Miss Sophie Plummett (Carry On Loving)
2. Beattie Plummer (Carry On At Your Convenience)
3. Sgt Laura Moon (Carry On Constable)
4. Miss Haggerd (Carry On Camping)
5. Matron (Carry On Nurse)
6. Matron (Carry On Doctor)
7. Matron (Carry On Agsin Doctor)
8. Matron (Carry On Matron)
9. Captain Clark - Medical Officer (Carry On Sergeant)
10. Frosty-Faced Sister (Carry On Regardless)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Ten Characters Played By Joan Sims in the Carry On Films

1. Sarah Allcock (Carry On Teacher)
2. WPC Gloria Passworthy (Carry On Constable)
3. Lady Joan Ruff-Diamond (Carry On Up the Khyber)
4. Mrs Dangle (Carry On Emmanuelle)
5. Zig-Zig (Follow That Camel)
6. Esme Crowfoot (Carry On Loving)
7. Pvt Ffoukes Sharpe (Carry On England)
8. Mrs Tidey (Carry On Matron)
9. Emily Bung (Carry On Screaming)
10. Cora Flange (Carry On Girls)