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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ten Things That Will Never Be As Good As They Used To Be

1. Michael Jackson.
2. The Colonel's Secret Recipe.
3. Steve Martin.
4. Nottingham Forest.
5. The Welfare State.
6. The Bill.
7. George Lucas.
8. Punk rockers.
9. Trains.
10. Birthdays.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ten Intriguingly Titled Blogs

1. Geek And Poke
2. Nurse Ratched's Place
3. Rickety Contrivances Of Doing Good
4. I'm OK - You Need Meds
5. The Mustn't Grumble
6. The Jar With Peanuts
7. Again! Again!
8. A Few Intelligent Thoughts From A Brain Dead Jock
9. My Splatter Painted Life
10. Poop Tube

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ten Types Of People I Don't Trust

1. People who wear the flag of St George when not inside football stadiums.
2. People who don't like The Beatles.
3. People in a leather jackets but not on motorbikes.
4. People who don't wear socks.
5. People who have colonic irrigation.
6. People who never come to the pub.
7. People who are always in the pub.
8. Ex-hippies.
9. Anthony Worrall Thompsons.
10. Anyone who makes sweeping generalisations about types of people.