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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Eleven Answers To Prince Songs

1. But How Could U B? Eye Know U R A Man
2. What Look Would That B?
3. It's OK, Ronnie Did Already. In Eye-celand
4. B Cos U R Weird On Tha Phone
5. But U Would Be Even Less Use Dead
6. Well That's Fine Cos I Am Happy With My Man
7. I'd Rather Not Bone At All If It's All The Same 2 U
8. Yes, True - But Usually It Just Rains
9. Then Y Do U Keep Using That Squiggle Thing? Or Is That All In The Past Now?
10. It Might Not Matter But How Are We Going To Get Home? I Spent My Last 2 Quid On That Kebab
11. You Mean Let's Pretend 2 Bicker About Tha Washing Up? No Thanx I'm Doing My Hair

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