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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ten Cynical Book Titles

1. The Author Is Deceitful Above All Things
2. A Million Little White Lies*
3. 100 Years Of People With The Same Name
4. (A Book I Knocked Off On) Saturday
5. Is It Just Me Or Does Every New Release Have Shite In The Title?
6. The Wind-Up Your Reader Chronicle
7. Extremely Loud And Incredibly Over-Exposed
8. A Heart-Breaking Work Of Staggering Market Placement
9. The Possibility Of An Island (Of Pseudo-Intellectual Misogyny)
10. Indecision (Followed By Cop-Out)

*Buy this title and get My Friend The Truth half price


Anonymous said...

hahahaha this just made me laugh quite a lot

Mark said...

I'm still trying to think of one for Bonfire of the Vanities