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Monday, January 02, 2006

Ten Songs That Namecheck Reebok Classics

1. Arctic Monkeys - 'A Certain Romance'
2. Babyshambles - 'Albion'
3. Pete Doherty - 'Hooray For The 21st Century'
4. Beanie Sigel (feat Snoop Dogg) - 'Don't Stop'
5. Paul Wall - 'They Don't Know Freestyle'
6. M.I.A. - 'Sunshowers'
7. Red Venom - 'B-Boy Supreme'
8. Hot Boys - 'Jack Who, Take What?'
9. Big Tymers - 'Nigga Couldn't Know'
10. 50 Pence - 'P.I.N.T.'


Stef said...

What about 'Let's Push Things Forward' by The Streets?

Mark said...

Ah yes, nice one. I think he just says 'Classics' doesn't he? The others (I'm pretty sure) mention Reebok Classics in full, but I was sure there was a Streets one and couldn't remember what it was, and then I was thinking maybe I just got confused by the Reebok ads he was in

Stef said...

Fair point, mon brave - 'Let's Push Things Forward' does just mention 'Classics'. Lovin' the lists, by the way.