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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ten Great But Slightly Inappropriate Names For Dogs

1. Alan
2. Harold
3. Dave
4. Clive
5. Pete
6. Nicholas
7. Duncan
8. Colin
9. Keith
10. Gary


mucastic said...

I have a friend of Indian origin who decided against calling any of his dogs the usual *Jimmy* , *Sandy* etc.
He gave them names of hindu gods!
Velan and Veeran.
Velan- name of the hindu god subrahmanya, the spear-bearing one
Veeran-the courageous one
Whadya think?

Mark said...

sounds pretty good. i prefer normal blokes' sounding names so you can say 'oh, dave just crapped on the carpet again'

i once had a cat that had a shona (zimbabwean) name. It was a bit too try-hard to be honest