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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Sportspeople The French Can Still Be Proud Of

1. Nicolas Mahut, world no.2 endurance tennis star
2. Monsieur Mangetout (Michael Lotito), extreme eating champ
3. Claude Makelele, inventor of the 'Makelele Role'
4. Philippe Petit, Twin Towers tightrope walker
5. Sebastien Chabal, rugby's Captain Caveman
6. Marie Sebag, chess grandmaster at the age of 22
7. Tony Parker, NBA star and husband of Eva Longoria
8. Helle Nice, actress/model/downhill skier/pioneering female racing driver
9. Bixente Lizarazu, footballer/winning hand in Scrabble
10. André the Giant (André Roussimoff), professional wrestler/graffiti icon

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