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Monday, June 21, 2010

Richie Benaud's Scoring Record in the 1953 Ashes Series

1. First Test, Nottingham, first innings: 3 runs
2. First Test, Nottingham, second innings: 0 runs
3. Second Test, Lord's, first innings: 0 runs
4. Second Test, Lord's, second innings: 5 runs
5. Third Test, Manchester, first innings: did not play
6. Third Test, Manchester, second innings: did not play
7. Fourth Test, Leeds, first innings: 7 runs
8. Fourth Test, Leeds, second innings: did not bat
9. Fifth Test, The Oval, first innings: did not play
10. Fifth Test, The Oval, second innings: did not play

Total: 15 runs
Average: 3 runs
(Bowling: 68 overs - 19 maidens - 2 for 174)

1 comment:

Carl Lyons said...

Still the finest commentator there's ever been. That sideways squint to the camera brings back lovely memories six week holidays in the 70s/80s