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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ten Inner Groove Messages From New Order/Joy Division Records

1. "?reteP, naem uoy od yltcaxe tahW" (Technique)
2. "Try listening to the 12"" (Temptation 7")
3. "Out Voted!" (Blue Monday)
4. "Not the way I would've done it!" (Confusion)
5. "Watch out for the dwarf" (Shellshock)
6. "Steven won't go to stockport" (Substance)
7. "I've only got record shops left" (Love Will Tear Us Apart)
8. "I thought of bananas till you played it" (Earcom 2)
9. "The chicken won't stop" (Still)
10. "More juice please" (Brotherhood)


suspectdj said...

nicely dave. earcom 2 - get you with yer 'a' levels.

Mark said...

50p at all good record and tape exchanges