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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ten Hobbies and Professions of BNP Members (Other Than Policeman)

1. Manager: petrol filling station (Class 1 snooker referee)
2. Distribution driver (Royal Mail). Active Odinist/member of Pagan organisations
3. Retired local government officer. Static caravan on East Coast
4. Driving instructor (discount for BNP members)
5. Business owner (antiquities) / Lord. Has two suits of medieval 14th & 15th century armour and can joust for rallies
6. Mobile DJ with singing partner, snakes & spiders
7. Hobbies: criminal justice system, bowls
8. Member describes himself as a witch: potential embarrassment if active
9. Hobbies: walking, Tai Chi Chuan. Buddhist, interested in Daoism
10. Slaughterman (NVQS in slaughtering)

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