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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ten Perfect Ways To Start The Weekend

1. Cat jumping on head.
2. Finding out what you can use that quince in the fridge for on Saturday Kitchen.
3. 'At Last I Am Free' by Robert Wyatt.
4. Listening to hysterical relationship break-up happening outside bedroom window, and feeling glad it's not us.
5. Realising November = Christmas at Starbucks.
6. Wondering why the odds for 'Agbonlahor' to be first scorer in the Arsenal v Man U game are so low in the window of the local Ladbrokes, considering he plays for Aston Villa.
7. Fry-up at Jenny's.
8. Tabloid football coverage.
9. The view coming home.
10. Live football before you've even woken up properly.

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