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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jeremy Kyle's Ten Best Topics

1. Who's Father To Your Baby? Me Or My Dad?
2. I Can't Remember Cheating On You But I'll Prove You're Our Baby's Dad!
3. My Kids Are Black And Angry!
4. Mum, Please Start Eating, Please Stop Drinking!
5. I'm A Binge Drinker And A Drug Dealer, But I'll Be A Great Dad!
6. A Forty Year Feud - But Are We Even Sisters?
7. Irresistible To Women - My Fiancee Accepts It's Not My Fault!
8. Your Baby's Too White To Be Mine!
9. I Want My Boyfriend To Give Birth To Our Baby!
10. Has My Mum Had A Baby With My Husband?


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Kyle Show = best daytime tv there is. Ever. Man, I wasted so much of my study leave watching this in the morning.

Anonymous said...


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