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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ten Things Materazzi Might Have Said To Zidane

1. "It means 'matresses' - here, have a go."
2. "Hey Zizou, what you gonna do, there's a lot of people coming for you/ Zizou, comment allez-vous.." etc
3. "Are you sure you didn't tear your wrist?"
4. "OK, now I'll be Skeletor and you be Ram-Man."
5. "I've got sloe and meth for your baby-sitter."
6. "And my next tattoo's going to be 'efil 4 enadiz'."
7. "Do you think I should use an Arabic font?"
8. "Sod penalties, let's settle it with Best Deaths."
9. "Fancy a game of headers and volleys of abuse?"
10. "Oh arse, I forgot you spoke Italian."

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