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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ten Tell-Tale Signs I'm In My Thirties

1. Hearing a tribute band play the first song I got laid to.
2. Scoring five goals as a left back.
3. Talking about scoring five goals in a meaningless kickabout.
4. Realising my hip-hop dancing style looks more like Stan from the Housemartins.
5. Reminiscing about all-standing stadiums.
6. Knowing the words to 'This Time' by the 1982 England Squad.
7. Still trying to complete my New Order vinyl collection.
8. Adding some mint to my pea salad.
9. Volunteering to be a steward at a street party.
10. Getting angry about readers' letters in newspapers.


Nunilona Magnusson said...

giving a younger colleague a break. not usually that honest. I told him I the case could hinge solely on whether water punched a 30-foot hole in a levee was the chief executive of a foreign

Mark said...

Another one: rising to the bait and getting irate over automated spam from debt pimps when I should jusr rise above it