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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Ten Best Named Tube Stations In London

1. Chalfont & Latimer
2. Debden
3. Fairlop
4. Cyprus
5. Mudchute
6. Chorleywood
7. Barkingside
8. Theydon Bois
9. Upney
10. Ickenham


Carl Lyons said...

Cockfosters, surely

Mark said...

it just seemed so obvious..

Mark said...

Carl your blog is fantastic by the way!

Four Eyes said...

Mudchute doesn't count does it? It's DLR

Lolly said...

I agree with Fairlop after passing out drunk on the central line and waking up there. If I hadn't once gone to school just over the road I'd have thought it stopped in Royston Vasey. There was even an eerie fog.

Mark said...

Four Eyes: Yes you're right I should make it 'public transport / rail / overland/ underground stations'
Blimey, three seperate people replying: it's a new record

Four Eyes said...

We were talking about you today that's why (all good though)

You could call it 'The Ten Best Stations on The Tube Map' then we'll allow you Cyprus and Mudchute. Where's Gallions Reach?

Where's Royston Vasey Lauren?

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of late on this but I need to tell you that Upton Park backwards is 'Krap not pu'. It's the piss-poor version of a satanic tube station. Sort of. I'll get my coat.