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Friday, July 08, 2011

Average Pop Song Length By Decade*

1. 2010's: 4'26"
2. 1990's: 4'14"
3. 2000's: 4'10"
4. 1980's: 4'08"
5. 1970's: 3'55"
6. 1960's: 2'59"
7. 1940's: 2'41"
8. 1950's: 2'36"

*Courtesy of The Billboard Experiment


ycatsms said...

One of those bar room that, unless you're bout drunk, it doesn't affect the price of tea in China!! Glad to have the knowledge, though!!

God said...

Surprised that the length has expanded...thought it would've gone the other way. Music's getting bigger?

The Mad King said...

Nah, now people can just loop half their song to make it twice as long...