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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ten Things Manchester United Could Buy With The Money They're Giving To Wayne Rooney Every Month

1. A £1.50 leaving card for every single public sector worker about to lose their jobs
2. One hundredth of a Joint Strike Fighter jet (or one jet every eight years - two years before the government get their first one)
3. Half of Middlesbrough's Nicky Bailey
4. Season tickets for 1,404 of the 1,500 seats in Old Trafford's East Stand Lower
5. ...or a tenner on every single seat at Old Trafford
6. Four Ferrari 458 Italia supercars
7. Sunderland Football Club's entire interest repayment
8. 11,429 official World Cup 2010 Adidas Jabulani footballs at full price
9. 12% of Trafford General hospital's total debt
10. A thousand defibrillator units

1 comment:

Mark said...

Err, so I wrote this before his pay had been confirmed: I'm actually almost £100k a month out in my sums. Looks like he's getting EIGHT HUNDRED. GRAND.