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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten Things Due To Happen In 2010 According To Science Fiction

1. Eviction of aliens from District 9 begins: Wikus Van De Merwe becomes infected and starts turning into an alien.
2. Drone robots created by humans to carry out construction jobs (Matrix Revolutions)
3. City of San Angeles is created after the Great Earthquake destroys San Diego and Los Angeles (Demolition Man)
4. The US Space shuttle fleet is retired (Enterprise)
5. HAL-9000 is re-activated (2010: The Year We Make Contact)
6. SG-1 attempt to send a message to the past to prevent earth's alliance with the Aschen Confederacy (Stargate)
7. Lars abandons his job as Assistant Director of the New York Aquarium and heads to the North Pole on a whaling boat (Futurama)
8. A new form of space-based energy is adopted (Arthur C Clarke)
9. The first baby is born on Arkadia (Space 1999)
10. Construction begins of the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel (Harlem Heroes, 2000AD)

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