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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Things 'They' Will Probably Consider Bringing The Face Magazine Back As

1. A Twitter update
2. A ringtone
3. An iPhone 'App'
4. One of those papers you find at the bottom of the escalators in the tube
5. A 'brand extension' 
6. A banner ad
7. A ROFLcopter
8. Zoo with more fashion-related breasts
9. A social network
10. All of the above


Planet Mondo said...

I hated The Face - it was always two months too late and ID always got there first.. Flexipop nailed it with a 'Really Hard Times' feature, following The Faces multi-page grind about ripped jeans. It starred two tramps dancing round with rubber chickens glugging turps

Noble said...

this is a great blog