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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ten Truthful Men's Mag Coverlines

1. "20 watches you can't afford but which paid for half our ad budget."
2. "Why our generation invented youth culture and it was much better than yours."
3. "Ten posh hotels we blagged for free."
4. "We've got nothing to say about this woman but we needed her for the cover."
5. "If I didn't work at this mag I'd never have a bespoke suit."
6. "We discovered this band by sitting at our desks waiting for the PRs to email us about them."
7. "It's a bit gay but that's fashion for you."
8. "We needed to mention 'The last taboo' here. We'll decide what it is later."
9. "We borrowed this car for the weekend. Smug enough for you?"
10. "The word 'Sex' in big letters is only here to shift units."

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