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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Top Ten Celebrity Dogs*

1. Schnorbitz
2. Duke (John Wayne's)
3. Maggie Mae (Lily Allen's)
4. Choppy (Ivana Trump's)
5. Martha (Paul McCartney's)
6. Puffy (Janet Jackson's)
7. Sheba (Kylie Minogue's)
8. Angel (Chuck Norris's)
9. Sweetlips (George Washington's)
10. Ching-Ching II (Shirley Temple's)

*Sponsored by the sterling chaps at ONETrueSaxon.
Not that there's any money in it, but they promised me some new socks.


Anonymous said...

Sheba actually belongs to Kylie's ex, love-rat Olivier Martinez, as any NOTW reader knows. Tsk etc

Mark said...

It's a bone of contention