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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ten Cold And Heartless Facts

1. You're fatter and older than you imagine yourself to be.
2. You'll never have a number one single.
3. Your best days are behind you.
4. You're never going to afford that yacht.
5. A kickaround in the park is the highest sporting achievement you can aspire to.
6. The only book inside you is a sadly derivative amateur effort.
7. You never could dance at the best of times: now it's frankly embarassing.
8. That person you've got your eye on is looking straight through you.
9. You can't beat The Man.
10. You're more like your parents than you'd like to admit.


sophie said...


Four Eyes said...

You seemed really down when you did this blog mr lister. I understand, last Sunday was an awful drizzly mess after the lovely sunny Saturday we had. I was depressed too :(
Despite recent lack of comments, please keep on listing because you do have an avid audience of fans..

Mark said...

aww thanks. It's good to know. I was a bit down but it was also meant to be kind of funny in a black humour way. Anyway, normal service has now been resumed..