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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ten Names Of Ikea Products To Send An Icy Chill Through Your Very Heart

1. Glimminge
2. Agne
3. Skubb
4. Kvist
5. Humlarp
6. Ugglarp
7. Centrera Fat
8. Grundton
9. Rival
10. Gorm


Four Eyes said...

Some of my personal favourites (he says leafing through catalogue)

Ethel Slinga
Inez Knopp
Thisted Blowtorp
Tromso Bangsund
Pax Drammen Barmen

And I haven't even got past the matresses yet!I always keep meaning to ask the next Swedish person I meet what these names actually mean? Are they things like 'shit lumpy matresses' or 'table missing one leg' (that you will never take back to Thurrock because you are still mentally scared from the last time you went there)

Mark said...

'inevitably missing that weird little spanner thing'

Four Eyes said...

No I had the wierd spanner thing, just missing the fourth table leg. Quite important as tables go.

Mark said...

bit picky aren't you?